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Even some progressive segmented assimilation scholars, such as Portes Zhou (1995), have only discussed the issues related to social class in deterministic, consensual terms. Unidirectional theories, then, view acculturation as a one way, psychological process relevant only to immigrants in their journey toward cultural shedding, behavioural shifting and eventual full absorption into the dominant culture. Embedded in this view is the inflated notion of free will exercised by immigrants, and undeclared structural determinism with respect to the dominant culture.

„So here we are in this peculiar moment in history, possibly a third reconstruction. So we ask ourselves this afternoon, at Cabrini College. What exactly will we do? Will we be co creators of history or mere captives of history, swept along by the tide of inevitability, overwhelmed in a sea of fatalistic conclusions as to what we can do and what our possibilities are.

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De Yorio asked for Ernest first and then Gladys, according to Tommy, who told him neither was home. Then Mr. De Yorio said, „You’ll do,” and started to grapple with Mr. Wow, Berkeley is proud of admitting convicted felon? The guy is in jail for conspiracy to organize an illegal protest that occupied thoroughfares for months paralyzing the city, disobeyed lawful orders to vacate, assaulted police who was mandated to clear the streets. Pray tell will we allow this kind of lawlessness in America? Of course not, the revolution warfare that we export world over to destabilize others would never be allowed to fester on our land. Remember those protesters blocked highway in LA? All arrested withing hours..

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