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The Capture of Fort Ticonderoga provided the cannon and gunpowder necessary to force a British withdrawal from the Siege of Boston in 1775. The withdrawal of General George Washington from Manhattan Island was followed by the British making New York City their military and political base of operations in North America for the duration of the conflict, and consequently the center of attention for Washington’s intelligence network. The notorious British prison ships of Wallabout Bay saw more American combatants die of intentional neglect than were killed in combat in every battle of the war, combined.

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Robin Wright, left, curator of Native American art at the Burke Museum, and Gretchen Faulkner, director of the Hudson Museum at the University of Maine, unveil the Kwakwaka mask said to have inspired the Seahawks logo at the Burke Museum at the University of Washington. Photographed on Tuesday, November 18, 2014. Less.

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